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Year-Round Snow Slopes

Well, sadly enough, it’s summer. The humidity is in the air. The sweat beads on my forehead are constant. The heat is, more or less, spectacularly suffocating; and worst of all, there is no snow. No white powder to part with my skis. No brisk wind to run through my hair as I fly down the mountain, or is there?

Despite my bemoaning winter’s end, the fact is…winter is still here—if you want it to be anyway. An increasingly noticeable trend of indoor ski slopes are popping up around the world, and they. look. awesome. Year-round fresh powder blankets these man-made rolling hills. Full-size ski lifts give riders a trip to the top of the synthetic mountain and emulate what seems to be a near perfect snow ski experience. These winter arenas are a testament to the potential of man to overcome anything and everything, weather included.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai, as you can probably guess, is located in Dubai. The Middle East’s very first indoor ski slope, it is technically a part of the Mall of Emirates. First opened in 2005, this winter wonderland now boasts some five different terrains and slopes, not to mention a general snow area for those less adrenaline-inclined. Also, it should further be noted that you don’t even need your own gear! In fact, all necessary clothes, skis, and poles are included in the price of admission.


In Bottrop, Germany, one of the most impressive indoor ski slopes in the world reaches the sky with a regal distinction. Boasting a state-of-the-art conveyor belt, the facility is able to transport skiers a full 400 meters from the bottom of the mountain to the top in only five minutes. Just as well, the facility is characterized by lush vegetation that makes one feel as though they never left the slopes to begin with.

SNORAS Snow Arena

Completed relatively recently (in 2011), this is one of the biggest indoor skiing facilities on the planet. Featuring an immense 640-meter outdoor route that actually incorporates the indoor routes as well, skiers are able to travel between the exterior and interior of the arena without ever interrupting their momentum. Yet, this is not even to mention the fabled ‘Air Bag’, a gigantic inflatable pad that enables skiers to test new tricks and have a little bit of fun without risking injury.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we have to give up on our love for skiing. Luckily, there are those who have already figured it out for the rest of us, and I, for one, could not be more grateful.

Safety on the Slopes

Take care out there.

Take care out there.

Following the 15th anniversary of Blue Sky Basin, Vail has named January “Safety Awareness Month”, with safety theme events beginning January 10, 2015, and lasting through the 25th. Scheduled activities will focus on kids safety, helmet safety, and avalanche safety.

Although not too riveting, safety is a crucial consideration for skiers. According to National Ski Areas Association data, 41.5 people die and roughly 50 are critically injured each year in skiing accidents. Sure, this figure is easily dwarfed by the number of annual deaths by car accident, drowning and falls. All the same, the risk is very real and not to be taken lightly. Below are a few suggestions that can keep you safe on the slopes!

Watch out for others. 7.7% of all ski accidents are the consequence of skiers running into each other. Pay attention to the people around you as well as your surroundings.

Don’t think you’re exempt. Experience doesn’t remove you from the risk of serious injury. If anything, being more experienced leads to riskier skiing. 85% of ski accident victims are male and 70% are between their teens and 30s, the same high-risk demographic that is most likely to cause fatal car accidents.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t ski a slope you aren’t ready to undertake.

Always wear a helmet. Skiing is a face-paced activity and an accident at high speeds could result in permanent and serious brain injury. Skiing without a helmet is just plain stupid.

Practice common courtesy on the slopes. Skiers follow a common code of etiquette. It is of paramount importance to abide by the rules and cooperate with the skiers around you.