The aptly named “Epic Pass”.

Alex Pancoe discovered at an early age that heaven on earth is being the first skier on the mountain after a heavy snowfall. While a toddler, Alexander experienced this on Vail’s China Bowl, putting on his first pair of skis not long after learning to walk. After he mastered pizza-wedge turns, Alexander’s parents enrolled him in ski school, where he donned a full-body panda snowsuit. To this day, he isn’t sure if his parents dressed him this way as a joke or to spot him from afar.

Over the years, Alexander would return to Vail several times in a season, making sure no fresh snow went untouched. He would frequently wake up before the rest of his family to carve through the newly groomed trails or tackle backcountry challenges.

Following a brief childhood foray into snowboarding, Alexander Pancoe resumed skiing in earnest. He even began competing in National Standard Races (NASTAR), though always preferred fresh powder to the gated runs on icy trails.

Like many skiiers, Alexander chases after perfect trails and conditions – the perfect tree run, perfect groomer, perfect glade run, and exciting (but not necessarily perfect) mogul run. He will investigate any leads to this end, especially on Vail Mountain.